Brembo 16RCS Corsa Corta Clutch Radial Hydraulic Master Cylinder RCS 16
Price RM1,398.00
Brand Brembo
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
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  • Piston diameter: 16mm
  • Type: Radial
  • Weight: 350g
  • Brake Light Micro-Switch: NO
  • Handlebar Fixing: 22.2mm
  • Brake Fluid: DOT 4

Brembo Part No: 110C74050

The new RCS Corsa Corta​ clutch master cylinder has a 16mm floating piston diameter to improve the feel and application effort on high volume engines.

On the occasion of EICMA 2019, Brembo is expanding its RCS Corsa Corta range by introducing the new 16RCS CORSA CORTA​: an innovative motorcycle clutch master cylinder featuring technical solutions already adopted in MotoGP.

The design of this new clutch master cylinder​ incorporates all the style features already adopted in the company’s RCS Corsa Corta​ family of products.

The clutch main body is made of forged aluminum alloy, machined with 5-axis CAM technology. A hard oxide coating is used for the surface finish, which guarantees that the body is highly resistant to wear and its components move easily. The floating piston and seals are the same as those used in MotoGP.​


16RCS , 17RCS, 14RCS, 19RCS ? These numbers identify piston diameter:

  • 16RCS the right choice in 99% of the applications. For motorcycle which stock clutch master cylinder piston diameter is 14 or 15 mm.
  • 17RCS is the 16RCS alternative, fits motorcycle which stock clutch master cylinder piston diameter is 16 mm, matches 17RCS brake, also can be used combined with an oversize clutch slave cylinder, or with a slipper clutch (under a mechanic supervision).
  • 14RCS the right choice for motorcycle which stock clutch master cylinder piston diameter is 11, 12 or 13 mm, for example Ducati Monster.
  • 19RCS do not install without the supervision of a mechanic, if used on a standard motorcycle, lever will become very hard and difficult to move, this master cyclinder shall be only used with slipper clutches or for applications requiring such a big piston diameter.

MotoGP Floating Piston
The inner piston, seals, push rod are the same as the majority of the MotoGP and SBK riders use , with very reduced manufacturing tolerances and of the very good smoothness.

Master cylinder body
The master cylinder body is in aluminium alloy, produced by forging and then CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machined by lightening milling.
Very closed manufacturing tolerances, similar to those used in MotoGP, guarantee the perfect matching with the floating piston due to a working precision never seen. For the superficial finishing it has been chosen the hard anodizing, electrolytic process which converts the surface of aluminium and its alloys into a vary hard oxide coating which guarantees very high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Clutch lever
The lever is made of two main components: the racing lever drive and the lever itself, folding and manufactured by forging. In the lever joint it has been inserted a patented system which allows the rotation only by the effect of an eventual tumble of the bike, without the possibility of an accidental rotation and getting in this way a bigger dynamic
The control for the lever distance adjustment from the handlebar has been re-placed and now it is in axis with the lever itself, guaranteeing the assembly of the eventual remote adjuster.
By using this control, the press push rod does not move in respect to the master cylinder body, keeping the best working angle of the push rod. Therefore, either by getting the clutch lever closer or farer to the handlebar, the efficiency of the kinematics motion does not change, assuring less friction and lack of scattered forces.
In addition the lever has its fulcrum on the pump body by mean of a bushing/gauged pin system which guarantees high stiffness and better feeling together with a high resistance to wear.

This master cylinder is NOT supplied with a switch, if you need this feature just add to your cart Banjo Bolt with Buil-In Pressure Brake Light Switch 10x1.0 mm

Lever contrast springs
High load springs have been chosen to guarantee the constant contact between the eccentric drive and the push rod; in this way you can avoid wear due to the knocking by the vibrations of the vehicle and an item of further safety is introduced in the transient phase between accelerator release and brake, resulting in an advantageous life increase of the various components.

Fits a M10x1,0 mm banjo adapter (normaly japan bikes has M10x1,25mm one).
Oem axial master cylinder clutch hose could not fit radial clutch master cylinder, we can supply a specific line or you can use Universal Radial Master Cylinder Adaptor.